Game storyline with false gods

Hey there, I noticed this trend with some of the games I played recently and from some time ago. The game storyline involves a God like figure at the beginning then ends up to be the main antagonist or false at the end.

Spoiler Alert: Some games only reveals this when on the last boss or at the later parts of the game.

The latest game that I’m currently playing is Path of Exile, I wanted to play some Action Role Playing Games after I finished the Star Craft 2: Legacy of the Void story.

Just played coop and single player. I suck big time with playing against other humans. I feel that I’m really getting old, my reaction time has slowed down a lot in games like Star Craft where there are so many things happening.

Recent games with this example

Other games I played before


Some games on the top of my head are Warcraft, Final Fantasy Tactics, Alundra, Final Fantasy 7, Terranigma. Xenogears. Valkyrie Profile. Well I could be wrong with these, will need to play them again and will add more. I’m just sure about Alundra, Tactics, Path of Exile, Warcraft and Star Craft

Think I missed some of your favorites? Feel free to add your list on the comments and I might get to try out something new.


Thanks to the artist of the Lucavi image. Found it on google images.

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